Lifting Central
New York's Economy

As a legislator, Chris was proud to vote for funding to prepare the site that Micron chose to locate their multibillion-dollar plant in our region. Chris is always looking for ways to bring economic development and good-paying jobs to Central New York.

Standing with Workers

As President of Communications Workers of America for our region, fighting for workers is Chris' passion and he has ensured hundreds of jobs stayed right here in Central New York. As a legislator, he has fought for good contracts and workplace conditions for public servants.

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Chris believes that a woman's healthcare decisions should be between her and her doctor. Instead of taking away your rights, we should protect the freedom and liberty that makes our country great.

Strengthening our Schools

Chris' wife, Erin, is a public school teacher and all four of his children have attended local public schools. Chris will always fight to deliver resources for our schools as State Senator.

Expanding Health Care Access

Chris has always made funding mental health services a top priority in the Onondaga legislature, and he will continue to prioritize this and issues such as increased healthcare access in places like rural Oswego County and funding for opioid cessation programs in the Senate.

Keeping Communities Safe

As a legislator, Chris has secured significant funding for police and ensuring our sheriffs, ambulances, and fire departments have up-to-date equipment. Chris will always look to support our first responders and ensure our communities are safe as State Senator.

Chris Ryan for Senate
205 Maple Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13219